Ways to Make Your Pool Safe from Electrical Hazards

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Electric shock in the water is a kind of hazard that you cannot see or hear. Electrical hazards around and in the pool can lead to electric shock and death in extreme cases. As you set up your electric equipment near your pool area, make sure to remember the following simple precautions that you must follow to prevent getting into danger.  

Lightning storms 

You must never utilize your pool if there’s a storm. Thought the possibilities aren’t high enough, when lightning strikes into the water, it elicits an electric current just as critical as if an electrical cord had been dropped into the body of water or the wiring were faulty. Though swimming in a storm might be a nice idea, the best option you get is to keep out of the water and stay inside your home.  

Do not utilize extension cords within the pool area 

Electrical cords, appliances, and extension leads must never be used near the pool. It only takes a single splash from the pool or somebody who will drip onto the cord can possibly be the victim of an electrical danger.  The water that comes into contact with an extension cord causes it to be faulty. So, it just takes a tiny damage portion to cause an electric current. As much as possible, utilize equipment and appliances that are battery operated rather than objects and things that need a cord to be plugged in.  Also, you can minimize the danger of possible occurring accidents that can harm the electrical cord with extreme consequences by reducing or even removing the use of cords all over the pool space.  

Wiring for pool lights 

The pool’s underwater lights are functionally and aesthetically pleasing. But, if they are defectively sealed or cracked, the light bulb’s voltage gets into direct contact with the water, placing electrical energy all over the pool. Moreover, there’s the possibility that the pool lights wiring can wear and can possibly cause hazard as well. Faulty wiring and damaged pool lights are dangerous electrical accidents that await to take place. If it’s not functioning well or it’s not properly installed, it won’t be safe to utilize near the pool since it poses the risk of energizing the water. This is dangerous since it can make your water a pool of electric currents. If you’re not confident, leave the pool wiring to a certified residential electrician St. Albert. 

Keep electrical equipment far from your pool 

Electricity and water just don’t mix. Hence, be very careful if you want to installs an electrical equipment within the pool space. When the equipment that isn’t intended to operate in water like portable radios and televisions slide or fall into the pool, such equipment can possibly put a current of electricity into the body of water—your pool. If this happens, it gets energized. As a result, touching a metal net handle or metal pool ladder can cause anyone to be electrocuted. Hence, make sure that all of your electrical equipment are placed far from your pool to prevent accidents and electrical shocks to happen.   

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